STEEL FIRE CE is the top range of single/wall units presently available in the market Realized by means of cold bending of stainless steel (0,5 mm. thick) leaves AISI 304L.
The units in all horizontal traits are welded under strict control and without any material added.
STEEL FIRE CE is simple and secure at the same time. It contains male and female nipples which permit, if necessary, to transform a drain-pipe in a holding one with use of a simple thermoresistant silicone oring.
STEEL FIRE CE elements are most versatile and reliable components of fume evacuation systems thank to the care for details and constant control of every single element.
STEEL FIRE CE can be employed in systems supplied with liquid, solid or gaseous fuel as well as in air evacuation and air-circulation systems (in any kind of space). Rigid elements can be integrated, by means of specific connectors, both with flexible lines with corrugated and uncorrugated internal walls and with insulated lines like HI LINE CE, HI LINE PLUS CE, HI LINE SHELL CE και HI LINE CERAMIC CE.

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